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We have several means of communication:

  1. a Facebook page;
  2. a news group run through the platform;
  3. an occasional stand-alone blog covering items of interest which are too long for either of those; and
  4. an email list for the notification of Tottenham-related events (both ours and others').

To join the list, either email us or use the search function on the homepage to find TottenhamCivicSociety (no spaces and use the capitals!) and send a request through that.  The stand-alone blog can be read here.


We previously published an occasional newsletter, Tottenham Civitas, which contained news about our activities, commentary on aspects of Tottenham's history, and items about events in and involving Tottenham.  Publication of this newsletter was discontinued for various reasons, but principally because it is easier and quicker to communicate through social media (see the list above).

The archive of electronic copies of the Tottenham Civitas newsletter from Spring 2008 (issues published prior to that were available only in paper format) can be read here.

Bruce Castle Park's 500 year old oak tree

The photograph above shows the 500-year-old oak tree in Bruce Castle Park.  This was taken before the loss of the big bottom branch in the summer of 2011; the remaining lower branches are now supported by props to prevent a similar occurence.

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