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Links to some other websites -- local, regional and national organisations and campaigns -- which we think may be of interest to members of the Tottenham Civic Society can be found by clicking on the link under each sub-section.  The lists are necessarily selective (because we can't list everything, and we can only list what we know), but if you know of any organisation whose website you think should be listed here, please e-mail the details to: TCS at tottenhamcivicsociety dot org dot uk.  (Please note, however, that we reserve the right not to add websites which we consider may be inappropriate.)

Haringey Sixth Form Centre

Planning and Conservation

As you might appreciate from our statement of aims on the Home page, we have a particular interest in the quality of life of the built environment, and therefore of planning and conservation issues.  Click here

Local History

Promoting an interest in the history of Tottenham is also one of our stated aims.  There is a wide range of on-line information about its history and its historic buildings, and this list is necessarily selective.  Click here  

Natural Heritage

There is a range of organisations which campaign to protect Tottenham's nature and wildlife.  Click here

Local Community Groups

Tottenham, and Haringey as a whole, has a large and growing network of overlapping community groups working to improve people's quality of life in various ways.  Click here

Regional and National Organisations

There is a number of regional and national organisations concerned with architectural, historical, civic and environmental issues, in which we share an interest.  This list is necessarily a partial one.  Click here

Other Resources of Interest

There is a range of internet resources concerned with the quality of the built environment.  This list includes some London-centric (and not so London-centric!) ones.  Click here

The photograph shows the entrance of the Haringey Sixth Form Centre in White Hart Lane

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