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Buildings and Areas of Interest Around Tottenham

We have a gallery of photographs of notable Tottenham Buildings, from grand eighteenth century properties both under threat and restored with the help of English Heritage to the secular and domestic architecture of the late twentieth century -- and all points in between, including a number buildings which have since been demolished.  It's all archived on our Flickr photosite.

The Society's Chair also has some pictures of local interest on his Flickr photosite.

Badly Designed Shop Fronts

87 West Green Road N15         665 High Road N17

Haringey Council has a Shopfront Design Guide, although it seems to be honoured more in the breach than the observance, because there are some really rather badly thought-out retail facades throughout Tottenham.

Above left is a shop at 87 West Green Road N15, where not only the shop glazing has been removed but the original Victorian awning and its timber casing has been ripped out and replaced by what is transparently an advertisement for a mobile phone company (for which planning permission should have been sought from the council).  Above right is an example of a shop at 665 High Road N17, where the original frontage has been retained but the signage makes no attempt to fit the curvature of the fascia and is too large for it anyway.

Below is another shop at 78 West Green Road, where the changes made as part of the West Green Road Improvement Project have actually made things worse: the mass of fluorescent yellow paint reflects sunshine onto shops on the other side of the street, obscuring their displays, and the solid metal box shutters contribute to the problem of "dead frontage" outside normal trading hours.

78 West Green Road N15

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