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Responses to Consultations by National Bodies

We responded in March 2015 to the consultation by the GLA and TfL on their Cycle Superhighway 1 proposals, as they would affect the High Road between Seven Sisters Underground station and Tottenham Green; you cn read our commentss here.  Some cosmetic amendments were made to the proposals before their final implementation, but those for the High Road were executed unchanged.

We commented in October 2016 on a planning application by the Canal and River Trust to construct a 21-storey tower and a 16-storey block on land at Hale Wharf, Tottenham Hale; read our objections here.  The application was rejected by Haringey Council but then referred, because of its size, to the Mayor of London (Sadiq Khan) for a final decision; very regrettably, he decided to overturn the objections and give CART permission to proceed.

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